The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Crooked Teeth

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Crooked Teeth from Citrus Grove Orthodontics in Whittier, CAMany people seek orthodontic treatment to repair smiles. Various issues can affect the way a person’s teeth and jaw look. Some people may have bite abnormalities. Other patients may come to an orthodontist because of crowding or gaps in the mouth. If you have crooked teeth, you are among a large number of patients seeking relief and a new smile. With the right treatment, you will see the advantages of straightening crooked teeth.

How and why teeth can be crooked

A smile is one of the first things a person will notice about someone else. When that smile consists of crooked teeth, it can be embarrassing to the individual. In some cases, there is not much a person can do to prevent teeth from coming in crooked. Genetics can play a role in how this occurs. A person’s teeth can also be crooked due to preventable factors.

Thumb-sucking and eating from a bottle as a baby and toddler can cause teeth to be crooked. Early loss of baby teeth can also result in permanent teeth having alignment issues. A person’s teeth can also be crooked because of injuries to the mouth. Poor oral hygiene can cause gum disease, which may lead to the loosening and shifting of teeth.

Wearing braces

Braces are perhaps the most common orthodontic treatment that an orthodontist will recommend. Braces consist of metal brackets and wires, along with elastics. Together, these components put pressure on the teeth. Over time, the force moves the teeth into the correct locations in the mouth. A person typically wears braces for two to three years.

Wearing aligners

More recently, clear aligners have become popular. This appliance resembles a mouthguard that fits over the teeth. The aligners are virtually invisible, which appeals to people who are self-conscious about their appearance. Aligners have the same goal as braces and also put pressure on the teeth. The treatment length is usually shorter. Plus, the aligners are removable and do not need to be in the mouth 24/7.

Improving a smile

Even moderately crooked teeth can hamper a person’s self-esteem and self-image. A person with crooked teeth may avoid being around other people. This can lead to challenges in relationships and even at work and in personal pursuits. Straightening teeth with orthodontic treatment can restore a person’s self-esteem. The results can be long-term too.

Improving health

Crooked teeth do not only have health implications. Misalignments can affect an individual’s oral health too. Crooked teeth can be difficult to brush because they can hide. The person may not be able to reach them or hit every surface with the toothbrush. Consequently, tooth decay and gum disease can develop. By doing orthodontic treatment, the patient can expect to have cleaner, healthier teeth and gums.

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Let orthodontic treatment change your smile and health

You should not have to live with crooked teeth. This condition can be embarrassing and cause oral issues, including tooth loss. The good news is effective treatment is available. Talk to your orthodontist today about straightening your teeth and what option makes the most sense.

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